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Indonesia aims for ‘green water navy’ capability

Posted by riefqi on July 31, 2006

Indonesia aims for ‘green water navy’ capability

By Riefqi Muna JDW Special Correspondent

Chief of the Indonesian Navy (TNI-AL) Admiral Slamet Soebijanto has outlined plans to develop the service’s overall capabilities.

Earlier this month Adm Soebijanto reiterated his intention to implement a major restructuring of naval forces. This would serve as the prelude to a broader development programme unveiled three years ago – an internal plan known as the ‘TNI-AL Blueprint 2004-2013’.

Adm Soebijanto previously stated that the long-term aim was to establish an effective ‘green water navy’ by 2020.

“A green water navy represents a level of sea power higher than that of a brown water (or coastal) navy but below a full blue water navy,” he explained in an internal document.

The proposed restructuring would see the TNI-AL come under a single command known as the Panglima Armada RI, which would be established in Surabaya. Under the current structure, there are two independent fleets.

The restructuring is aimed at making the navy more flexible and responsive in protecting Indonesia’s vast territorial waters, together with three vital sea lines of communication. However, no timetable has been released.

Sources said the delay is due to funding constraints. Efforts to synchronise with army and air force restructuring plans may also be a factor in order to avoid internal conflict over resources.

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Note: I wrote this report for JDW 27 June 2005. However, the contains remain relevant for Indonesian security discussion.



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